The availability of good jobs is vitally important for families and the health of our community. I will continue to fight tirelessly to pass legislation that improves employment opportunities for every person in our district and the State of Illinois. Protecting the rights of workers and working to create an infrastructure where businesses can flourish combines to create much needed jobs.


The environment needs no excuse. It is our duty as a society to maintain a clean and healthy environment for all people, and for generations to come. Protecting our air, water and creating good clean energy jobs is something that I will always continue to fight for. I remain FIRMLY committed to working with our excellent environmental community, my colleagues in the General Assembly and all other relevant agencies to remove the coal ash from the Waukegan Generating Station site.


A good education is truly “the great equalizer.” A solid education not only gives a child dignity and well being, it gives them a sound future. I have long been an advocate for education and have worked in many capacities that seek to improve education. We owe our children the absolute best education possible. That is a duty which inspired me to serve in the General Assembly. In Springfield I have fought for every piece of legislation that extends and improves education for our children. As your Representative, I will continue to do so with every fiber of my being.

Women’s Reproductive Rights

Since Donald Trump appointed three justices to the US Supreme Court, women’s reproductive rights have been under attack. It is not the place for government to tell women what they can or cannot do with their bodies. I will continue to hold the line here in Illinois and protect choice.

Health Care

Access to healthcare is something fundamental. The well being of each and every person in our community is quite important to me. I have consistently fought to expand access to healthcare. It is not only just, it is practical. The ability to obtain healthcare makes for a productive workforce and happy families.