ENDORSEMENT: Rita Mayfield for Illinois House in 60th District Democratic primary

In this far north suburban district, we endorse five-term incumbent Rita Mayfield of Waukegan over environmental activist Diana Burdette, also of Waukegan. Mayfield has a better grasp of a broad array of issues facing the state.

Mayfield is promoting long-term efforts, for example, to clean up the Superfund site of the vacant asbestos-ridden Johns Manville plant on Waukegan’s lakefront. She also supports retiring Waukegan’s coal-fired power plant in a way that this prime lakefront land can be put to better use, perhaps as a museum, a forest preserve or a park. And she has worked to keep Lake Michigan water — the Chicago area’s greatest natural resource — from being diverted outside the Great Lakes basin.

Along with Burdette, Mayfield was involved in efforts to limit or end emissions of ethylene oxide from local Medline Industries and Vantage Specialty Chemicals plants. Mayfield also supports the graduated income tax amendment and taxing retirement income of wealthier residents in the state, but she opposes term limits.

Source: chicago.suntimes.com